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Masterchief with MA40 assault riffle (Halo)

A new mission

Masterchief is represented here as we see him in the game Halo Infinity released in 2021. As always, he wears his Spartan armor covering his entire body and hiding his face. He wears a black outfit underneath and on top wears a green armor looking a bit like the Stormtroopers with big boots and reinforcements on the knees and elbows. On his chest, we find the number 117 which is his serial number. He also wears a helmet that matches his outfit with an orange visor in front of his eyes. Finally, he holds in his hands his black assault rifle, a kind of big futuristic battle rifle.


A legendary soldier

Masterchief is the hero of the Halo video game series. This famous third-person shooter takes place in a futuristic science fiction world. Several hundred years in the future, humans have mastered space travel and have managed to colonize several planets in the galaxy. Then they come into contact with an alien coalition, The Covenant, who consider them an inferior race and are determined to destroy them. To do this, the Earth army decides to invent genetically modified super soldiers to fight them, the Spartans. Masterchief is one of them, his full name being Spartan John-117 and Masterchief being in fact an abbreviation of his rank. During his various adventures, he finds himself alone in a ship in pursuit of an alien vessel that he is trying to take away from Earth and he is always accompanied by the artificial intelligence Cortana.


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