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Spartan Mark VII avec VK78 (Halo)

A new variant

The Spartan Mark VII armor has several variants and Funko has decided here to represent the yellow and blue version. Like all Spartan armors, it has a softer black base but here with yellow reinforced elements on the legs and arms and blue armor pieces on the torso and shoulders. At the head level, we find her helmet that completely hides her face with yellow at the back and blue at the front. His visor is always orange. In his right hand, he holds his commando rifle VK78.


New Weapons and Armor

The Spartan Mark VII is the new version of the Halo super soldier armor seen in the sixth Halo Infinite game. They were created to respond to the threat of the Covenant, the alien alliance determined to destroy humanity and to prevent those who would reactivate the Halo Circles from destroying all of humanity. In Halo Infinite, we discover Masterchief, one of the Spartan soldiers and the hero of the saga, long after the end of the previous opus and floating in space. It seems that humanity has lost the war but Masterchief never declares himself defeated and is always ready to fight.


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