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Crackshot (Fortnite)

An unconvincing look

This soldier is a fairly faithful version of the famous character except for his strange expression which makes him look rather nightmarish. He’s wearing white pants with a nicely detailed red jacket with gold gallons and black gloves and boots in the style of Fortnite. On top he has funny white spiky hair and wears a high black hat with nice gold details. Finally his weapon is a candy cane turned into a kind of harpoon.


A Soldier Against Zombies

Crackshot is a Fortnite Battle Royale version of the famous Nutcracker soldier from the famous Christmas story. In this free online video game, players start with an avatar with a very standard appearance and then they can buy in-game skins to customize them as they want. Crackshot is one of the few skins that can be found during the holiday season. It can sometimes be found during the year but it is very rare and that’s why this skin has a legendary status.


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