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Tricera Ops (Fortnite)

A hell of a look

As in the game, the character is not a real triceratops but a female character wearing a dinosaur suit. This one is mainly red with darker spots and a beige part on the torso. At the head level, the hood lets just see the face and we find the eyes and horns of the animal on the top of his head. All around, we find this kind of ruff very typical of the dinosaur. The front is red with dark patterns and the back is brown.


An adorable dinosaur

The Tricera Ops is the female skin equivalent to the Rex in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. Like many other skins, this one can be purchased on the store when it is available and thus allows to customize the appearance of his character. The player will be able to fight zombies, other players and search for resources but with style and a crazy look. This is one of the most popular legendary skins in the game, although it is still a little less popular than the male version of the latter.


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