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Moonwalker (Fortnite)

A real astronaut

This figure represents this skin in a very detailed way. It is a classic white astronaut suit with the small space” logo reminiscent of NASA, the silver elements on the sides or the bronze pieces on the shoes or legs. The outfit is completed with gloves and a full helmet with the visor raised, revealing the female face wearing large sunglasses.


A deserved reward

The Moonwalker is an exclusively female skin that the player can get in the online video game Fortnite, more specifically in the Battle Royale version where he is dropped on a map with a hundred other players and must try to survive. This specific skin can’t be bought but is a reward when the player reaches level 55 of the paid season 3 of Battle Pass. This outfit is part of a set that also contains space themed weapons or tools like the Dark Matter Legendary Back Bling.


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