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Ragnarok glows in the dark (Fortnite)

Even more terrifying

For this exclusive version of the character, Funko decided to represent him in glows in the dark, that is to say that he glows in the dark, more specifically, the blue parts of the figurine, namely his beard and the tip of his horns. He also wears a very heavy armor with big brown boots, a leather and metal chest protector and many pieces of metal armor attached to his arms and shoulders. He holds in his hands a rather complex axe, part of which shines in blue. Finally, we find this blue matted beard and this demon skeleton mask with six horns and shining eyes.


A glorious Viking

Ragnarok is one of the many skins that players can get in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. Some of them are rewards while most of them can be purchased from the online store. Ragnarok is obtained from level 100 of the season five battle pass. Like skins like the pirate Blackheart, this skin has the particularity of being upgradeable and reaches its final look after the fifth stage. The first version is a simple bare-chested Viking with a blue beard and as time goes by, clothes, accessories or weapons are added until we get to this famous impressive mask.


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