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Battle Hound (Fortnite)

An epic skin

Like many others, the Battle Hound is an epic skin, meaning it is quite rare and not always available in the store. Funko released it for the E3 2019. There is a medieval brown leather armor with furry boots as well as matching gloves. The armor has nice gold embroidery details and the character holds the famous Silver Fang axe in his hand. Last but not least, he has a golden helmet in the shape of a wolf whose mouth is open to leave the field of vision free.


A medieval set

The battle hound is one of the skins available for players in the famous online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. In this one, players’ avatars start out very simple and then they have to buy or earn skins in order to customize their avatars. The Battle Hound is part of the Laoch Set with a medieval feel that also includes a shield, cloak or some sort of matching sword with a wolf’s head. A female skin, the Highland Warrior, is also part of this set.


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