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Valor (Fortnite)

A superheroine

As in the game Valor has a look that mixes a bit that of a superheroine like Wonder Woman and that of a heroine or Indian goddess. She wears a short skirt of blue and red blades with high boots in the same colors, all very close to the look of Wonder Woman. She carries a silver weapon and we also find silver elements on her costume. At the level of the head, we find her red and purple hair and this jewel with a big red stone on her forehead.


A mythical warrior

Valor is an exclusive skin reserved for Fortnite Battle Royale players who have purchased the season four paid pass. Indeed, this game is a totally free online video game. On the other hand, if players want to improve their character, whether by customizing his appearance with skins and clothes, or by adding items and weapons giving him more power, he will often have to buy them on the store, or get them as a reward for a quest or the purchase of a Battle pass in this case. This will help them defend themselves against zombies, or against other players, in this Battle Royale version of the game.


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