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Black Knight (Fortnite)

Austere look

As in the game, the black knight has the look of a medieval knight but whose armor is completely black. This one is very detailed with a visible chainmail on the arms, a nicely embroidered breastplate and of course a helmet covering the whole face and head with engraved elements on the forehead and precious stones. A really nice figure with many textures and details.


A Royal Reward

The Black Knight is a complete set of armor that the player can get in the video game Fortnite Battle Royale. This particular knight armor is a reward when the player manages to reach level 70. In this particular mode of the Fortnite game, players are randomly dropped on an island (within the limit of one hundred players) and they all have to fight against each other. The longer they hold out, the more experience they gain and progress through the levels of the game.


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