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Omega (Fortnite)

The full armor

For this figure, Funko has represented a character wearing the full Omega armor. This one is mainly black and metallic looking, covering the whole body of the character. There are some orange details on the torso or arms and of course it comes with a full helmet. This one leaves an open space at the level of the eyes from where we can see an orange light coming out.


A legendary armor

Omega is not a character but simply a type of armor that the player can get in the game Fortnite Battle Royale whose principle is to drop the player randomly on the map, the player then has to hurry to find weapons and resources in order to survive if he is attacked or wants to attack other players to gain experience. The Omega armor can be acquired by reaching a certain level and can evolve visually and in terms of protection as the player gains experience.


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