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Crota (Destiny)

A terrifying appearance

For this Gamestop exclusive figure, Funko has represented him in a green plastic that looks slightly translucent and darker in places. We can see his physique, giving the impression that we can see his skeleton through his skin, which is the case with his spine and pelvis. He holds an impressive axe in his right hand. Finally, at the head level, we find his huge head with strange growths and his three bright yellow eyes.


A god among his own

Crota is one of the important bosses of the post-apocalyptic game Destiny. Son of Oryx, he is considered a god among the very ancient people of the hive. He can be found on the Moon and players must fight him so that the humans in the Tower, the last city on Earth under human control, can regain control of Earth’s natural satellite. After his death, Oryx is devastated and angry and sends his armies to avenge him, which will of course further complicate the task of the Tower guardians and the players.


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