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Amanda Holliday (Destiny)

Sober look

On this figure, Funko of course represented her with this kind of enhanced mechanic suit. This one is blue, worn with matching boots and one leg is raised so you can see her mechanical knee. Around her waist, she is of course wearing a tool belt with many small pockets. She also wears brown gloves and on her shoulder, we can see her big black tattoo ending with several lines. On the head, we find her short blond hair and black makeup around her eyes.


A genius mechanic

Amanda Holliday is a non-playable character from the video game Destiny. She has long survived with her mother by salvaging parts from old ships on the outskirts of the city. As she grew up, she became a mechanic and established herself in the city, even developing the rifle her mother created to be accessible by Guardians. Players can buy several types of ships from her, such as the Sparrow” or “jumpships”. She’s also a quest giver and rewarder for players.


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