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Dominus Ghaul (Destiny)

A terrifying physique

Funko has represented him here with his impressive white armor with nice golden details. He also wears a belt of explosives and ammunition and of course, he holds in his hand his impressive white and golden rifle. On his head, he wears a gray mask hiding his nose to help him breathe and of course we find his orange and white skull and this strange texture giving the impression that his brain is uncovered. His appearance is completed by his red eyes.


The Destroyer of Light

Dominus Ghaul is a character from the post-apocalyptic video game Destiny 2. He is the self-proclaimed ruler of the Cabal Empire. He has traveled through the solar system to come near Earth to cut off humanity from the light coming from the Traveller”, the entity that brought the Golden Age to Earth several hundred years ago (but also its enemy). He succeeds in doing so and later also manages to kill the Speaker, leader of the Tower, the last human city, and the city itself afterwards.


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