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Sweeper Bot (Destiny)

A nice look

For this figure exclusive to the comic con, Funko decided to represent this famous robot that the player meets so often in the streets of the City. He is vaguely humanoid in shape but entirely made of metal with many yellow elements contrasting with the gray metal base. At the level of the head, he wears a kind of big suit decorated with a golden metal piece and a purple stone. Finally, he holds in his hands a broom with a very ordinary appearance in contrast with the very technological aspect of the robot.


A humble little robot

The sweeper bot is one of the non-player characters that you can meet regularly in the post-apocalyptic game Destiny. Hundreds of years ago, a mysterious artifact was discovered on Mars that gave humans the knowledge to terraform other planets and greatly advance their technology in general. But the use of this knowledge awakened another artifact, a very malevolent one, which sent hundreds of alien races to attack the humans. In the end, the surviving humans found themselves entrenched in the last livable city on Earth. It is there that the player can go and collect quests, buy equipment, etc… In this city, he can also meet these small harmless robots whose only function is to sweep the streets.


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