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Osiris (Destiny)

An impressive appearance

As in the game, Osiris has a mysterious appearance and an intricately detailed outfit which is very well rendered here. He wears pants with boots and a long tunic with golden details over them. Around his neck, he wears a golden necklace decorated with purple feathers reminiscent of the character from Egyptian mythology after whom he is named. He holds in one hand his golden sword. At the head level, he wears a golden helmet very nicely detailed with purple patterns and a headband that hides the bottom of his face and adds to the mystery of the character.


The exiled wizard

Osiris was one of the most powerful mages of the City in the fantasy and post apocalyptic game Destiny. He had set himself the task of studying the darkness that had brought humanity so close to destruction, but after a while the Speaker decided that he was too interested in the darkness and had become obsessed with the Vex, and exiled him from the city, from which he seemed to disappear completely. Today he is said to have become a sort of guardian in the infinite forest and it is said that he even has several disciples and is both dead and alive.


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