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Cayde-6 (Destiny)

An impressive physique

As in the game, Cayde-6 has a humanoid appearance and it is his face that gives away his robot nature. He wears a suit with complex details: an armor on the chest, boots with yellow and red armor and a cape held by a strap across the chest. At the head level, we can see his robotic face composed of several white metal plates in light or dark blue. Finally, he wears a large hood that hides the whole back of his head.


A forgotten past

Cayde-6 is a character met by the player in the video game Destiny. He belongs to the race of exos, humanoid androids so advanced that they themselves do not understand how they work. Created in a now-forgotten war during Earth’s golden age, they were reprogrammed during the fall of civilization when alien races began to attack, and no longer remember their past. Today, Cayde-6 is one of the three guardians of the tower and the one who provides armor for the hunter class players.


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