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Lord Shaxx (Destiny)

The Man with the Broken Cornea

As a guardian, Lord Shaxx has an impressive physique. He wears black, white and orange metallic armor with a very futuristic look and nicely detailed. He also wears a matching helmet that completely hides his face. On the other hand, on his helmet, we can see a whole horn and a broken one reminding us of the Viking horn helmets. Finally, he also wears some kind of fur shoulder pads.


The guardian of the ordeal

Lord Shaxx is the guardian of the Ordeal of The Tower, on Earth, in the post-apocalyptic video game Destiny. After living through a golden age where humanity terraformed and colonized many planets, it fell victim to attacks from many alien races. After nearly becoming extinct, the human race now survives in a single city on Earth: The Tower. Lord Shaxx is the guardian of the Trial, a sort of arena where players can fight to gain experience and hope to collect rewards.


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