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Osiris Gold (Destiny)

Funko has created a golden version of the character for this exclusive version. He wears pants and simple boots but above all an elegant long tunic with a wide belt and whose collar is elegantly decorated with many feathers. On his arms, he wears rich jewels reminding a little of the Egyptian culture from which his name comes, and holds his large sword with his right hand. Finally, at the level of the head, we find the mask which hides the bottom of his face but especially his superb bird helmet, recalling once again the mythical Egyptian god.


A mysterious magician

Osiris is an important character in the post-apocalyptic video game Destiny. After the near destruction of humanity, most of the survivors are concentrated in the City”, a walled city where the population is divided into guilds. Osiris was one of the most powerful mages who decided to study the darkness that led to the near destruction of humanity. But deciding that he had become corrupted by the subject he was studying, the council expelled him from the City. Today, he can be found in the Infinity Forest, which he protects like a guardian. A golden wizard


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