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Atheon (Destiny)

A strange robot

As in the game, Atheon has a rather artificial appearance, like a robot. His body is blue and green with a metallic side. In his right hand, he holds a kind of futuristic brown gun, very impressive. Finally, at the level of the head, we find this triangular shape surrounded by two kinds of horns and in the center a strange circle of very bright blue light very nicely represented by Funko.


A mysterious entity

Atheon is a strange entity whose origin is never really known in the famous post-apocalyptic game Destiny. Indeed, after a golden age that allowed humanity to colonize many other planets, it was attacked by dozens of alien races at the same time and found itself confined in a last free city on Earth: The Tower. Atheon is one of the bosses that the player must face in the game. It is not known if he created the glass vault or if it is the other way around. But we do know that he is not affected by the past or the future and that he seems to be at the convergence of several causal pathways at the center of the Vex tear system that caused the loss of Mercury and Venus.


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