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Cayde-6 golden gun glows in the dark (Destiny)

A powerful android

Funko has portrayed him in a glows in the dark version for this exclusive version of the character, holding a golden version of his famous weapon, the Ace of Spades. He is entirely painted in brown and yellow color that glows in the dark as if the light came from inside. We can see his usual guardian outfit with boots and a leather suit as well as this android face with a kind of horn on the top of the face and a hood covering the back of his head.


A mysterious past

Cayde-6 is an android of the race of exos in the post-apocalyptic video game Destiny. Created during a now forgotten war, the exos were reprogrammed and have forgotten their past or even how to explain the complexity of their functioning. After fighting to take back the Moon from the Hive, he became one of the Tower’s guardians after a lost bet. In the game, he is a seller of exotic armor, especially for the hunter class and the guardians. He dies at the beginning of the Forsaken expansion and his ghost can then be seen on a particular quest.


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