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Crota chase glow in the dark (Destiny)

Even more terrifying in the dark

Funko decided to represent him in a glow in the dark version for the chase version of this figure. We still find this green skin with an unhealthy aspect and especially this living skeleton side. We can see armor on his shoulders and wrists he holds his weapon in his right hand. At the level of the head, we find this so particular and clearly not human shape as well as, of course, his three eyes.


The son of the terrible Oryx

Crota is one of the most powerful enemies of humanity in the famous post-apocalyptic video Destiny. He is a member of the ancient Hive people and due to his powers and parentage, he is almost considered a god among his people. The player can find him on the Moon and will have to raid it to fight and kill him so that humanity can regain control of the Earth’s satellite. Unfortunately his death will trigger the anger of his father Oryx, who will send new alien legions to attack the Earth.


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