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Cruella in Car (Les 101 Dalmatiens)

A real fury

Funko has represented Cruella driving her famous red and black retro car for this pop rides figurine. This one is very nicely represented with all the details of the round shapes and the chrome parts that give the illusion that the car has a face as angry as Cruella’s. Cruella is sticking out of the roof of the car and we can see that she is wearing one of her fur coats. At the level of the face, we can see that her expression is downright enraged. Her yellow eyes are veined with red, her eyebrows are exaggeratedly raised and finally, her mouth is frozen in a rictus of anger. Finally her black and white hair is completely bristling and flying in the wind to suggest the speed of the car.


The meanest of the mean

Cruella is the famous villain of the Disney cartoon The 101 Dalmatians. At the beginning of the story, a couple of humans meet thanks to Pongo, the man’s Dalmatian who is tired of being alone. Luckily, he and Anita’s Dalmatian wife, Perdita, also fall in love. Very quickly, Perdita is pregnant and gives birth to fifteen Dalmatian puppies. But then Cruella, Anita’s boss, shows up. She is, as her name indicates, a cruel woman who has a passion for fur. She proposes to buy back all the puppies with the barely concealed aim of making a fur coat out of them. Obviously horrified, Anita and Roger refuse and Cruella goes into a rage before leaving. But soon after, the fifteen babies are kidnapped and taken to a barn outside of town with dozens of other puppies already captured by Cruella. Fortunately, Pongo and Perdita have a support network and manage to find their puppies in time and help them and all the others to escape. Cruella, mad with rage, will try to chase them by car but it will be a lost cause.


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