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Cygnus Hyoga (Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque)

The knight of the cold

Like his other knight brothers, Funko represented Hyoga with his armor. This one is of a metallic gray slightly bluish. It is mostly found on the shoulders and torso and on the feet where he wears heavy boots. He also wears a protection on his forearms and stands with his hands forward and his fingers intertwined. Under his armor, he wears white pants. At the level of the head, we find his long blond hair with shorter locks in front and on top. Finally, he wears a kind of helmet, which is also a silver metal tiara with some kind of wings on the sides and a swan’s head on the front. Finally, there are ice whirls at his feet.

The Swan Knight

Hyoga is one of the main characters of the animated series The Knights of the Zodiac adapted from the manga of the same name. Like his bronze knight brothers, he is an orphan and was recruited as a child to be one of the 88 knights serving the goddess Athena to fight the forces of evil. He is of Russian origin and the constellation he chooses to serve Athena is the swan. Even if it is not explicitly stated, he seems to have a flirtatious relationship with Shun, whose bed he shares. Hyoga chooses to become a knight in order to acquire the strength and power to withstand the freezing cold and thus be able to visit his mother who lies at the bottom of the sea of ice after having sunk there during the journey that brought her to Japan with her son.


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