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Phoenix Ikki (Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque)

The Knight of Flames

For this pop figure, Funko has of course represented Ikki with the flames that surround him during the fight. We find them at his feet and at his hands. As in the manga, his armor is mainly in shades of blue and purple. He has large silver shoulder pads and purple metal boots. On his head, there is a gray metallic helmet around his face and a large bronze symbol at the forehead and rising to the top representing the phoenix. Finally, his hair is dark blue and is styled in long spikes on the top of his head, looking a bit like blue flames.

The most tormented of the knights

Phoenix Ikki is one of the heroes of the manga and the famous animated series of the 80/90s The Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya in VO). Phoenix is one of the bronze knights and like his other brothers, he was recruited when he was younger to become one of the 88 knights of the zodiac to protect the child being the reincarnation of the goddess Athena and later to serve her to fight evil. Pheonix Ikki, named after the constellation, is considered the most powerful of the bronze knights, because of his power of resurrection. He is also the most tormented of the knights, having dedicated his soul to evil in exchange for his immortality before repenting when he was recruited by Athena. He grew up and was trained on a volcanic island, which accustomed him to intense heat. He draws his power from fire and is often meditating near a lava lake.


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