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D.Va with Meka Nano Challenge (Overwatch)

A colorful duo

For this exclusive figure, Funko has depicted D.Va with her meka. D.Va’s figure can be placed next to or inside her meka. Funko represented here a rare skin corresponding to the Nano Challenge 2018. The large meka robot is blue and green gradient with also some pink accents. D.Va wears a suit in the same colors and we also find his brown hair, the helmet on his head and his characteristic little wink.


A professional gamer

D.Va is one of many playable characters in Blizzard Studios’ online video game Overwatch. In this futuristic world, players can choose to play as a variety of characters to create teams of six to compete for control of an arena. D.Va is a young woman who was a professional gamer in South Korea. When terrible sea monsters attacked the coast, the government sent mekas to fight them but they were too predictable. So they came up with the idea of getting professional gamers like D.Va to help control the mekas.


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