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Daedric Warrior (Skyrim)

The famous armor of Daedric Warriors

As it has already been said, Daedric warriors are known for their armor, so this one has been represented. We find this silver armor that covers his whole body. On his head, he wears a full helmet with horns reminiscent of a dragon, and a transparent plastic material reveals his eyes. In his right hand, he holds a battle axe with finely reproduced patterns.


The warriors of Oblivion

The warrior Daedric is a character from the famous video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Skyrim is the fifth episode of this role-playing game with a heroic fantasy atmosphere set in the land of Bordeciel. The Daedra are very powerful supernatural beings living in the plains of Oblivion. They are known for their particularly strong and effective armors.


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