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Daisy Duck No?l (Disney)

Adorable Daisy

Funko has depicted Daisy here with a festive outfit for the Christmas Pop figure series. She is wearing a long red coat with white fur trim and a muff to warm her hands. She also wears brown boots and a red hat with a white pompom. At the head level, we find of course her big orange duck beak and her seductive look.


The prettiest cane

Daisy Duck is a character from the Disney universe, more particularly from Mickey and his friends. She made her first appearance in 1940, in paper and animated version as Donald’s flirt. In the animated version, they have a date but she pushes him away. When Riri, Fifi and Loulou show up, they compete for Daisy’s attention until they make Donald eat corn that is becoming popcorn. This forces him to start dancing, which Daisy really enjoys. In the paper version, Daisy is his new neighbor. Although they both seem to be in love with each other, the two ducks are always yelling at each other. She appears much less often than him in cartoons or comics, however, and it wasn’t until the early 2000s that Daisy was given more prominent roles.


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