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Dapper Jack (l’Etrange No?l de Monsieur Jack)

An even more elegant skeleton than usual

This figure is exclusive to Hot Topic stores and does not represent Jack at any specific moment of the film. Jack’s lean and skeletal figure with his famous big smile and long white hands is still there, but he’s changed from his usual striped suit to something even more elegant. He wears grey pants with an elegant purple jacket with nice embroidery. Over it he wears a long black coat from which the lace of the shirt he wears protrudes. But the most notable element of his outfit is the large top hat that he wears a little crooked on the side of his head. It is decorated with a purple cloth band, a purple stone and three large black feathers. This exclusive figurine will make a very nice addition to your Tim Burton collection.

A skeleton in love

Jack Skellington is the skeletal hero of Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas, the stop motion cartoon that greatly contributed to Tim Burton’s fame. We discover the city of Halloween populated by characters all stranger than the others. Jack Skellington, an elegant skeleton, is the leader of the Halloween festivities, but one year Jack feels depressed without really knowing why. While walking in the woods with his dog Zero, he stumbles upon Christmas town. Everyone seems to be happy and he decides to organize Christmas instead of Halloween thinking that it will make his melancholy disappear. But in the end, he realizes that what he was missing in his life was not Christmas but love, especially that of Sally, the little rag doll who has always been in love with him.


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