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Dash (Incredibles 2)

Dash running

Dash is shown here running with both arms raised. Like the rest of the family, he is wearing a tight red suit with black boots and gloves. Like all retro superheroes, he is also wearing a slip over his suit and his family logo on his chest. On the head, he has the same blond hair as his father and he wears a small mask over his eyes to complete his outfit.

A Fast Boy

Dash is one of the three children of the Indestructible family in the Disney Pixar Studios Incredibles 2 cartoon. The Incredibles (real name Parr) are a family of superheroes who have been living in anonymity since a super-villain created a disaster and blamed it on superheroes. In the second installment, a new villain named Screenslaver comes to town and the Parr family will have to get back to work. Dash’s power is super speed and combined with that, he is also super agile and has exceptional reflexes. He is quite charming despite his pretentiousness.


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