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Davros (Doctor Who)

A man kept alive

Davros managed to keep himself alive for centuries thanks to various technologies, which explains his strange appearance. We can see that he is now alive thanks to a machine that looks very much like the Dalek and whose many buttons and details are very well rendered. We can also recognize his strange face with orange skin and tired features. On his head, he wears a metallic helmet and a blue stone on his forehead.


The creator of the Daleks

Davros is an important character in the science fiction series Doctor Who. Although he only appears in a few episodes, he is important because he is the creator of one of the main character’s enemies: the Doctor. The Doctor is an alien with the ability to generate himself and travel through time and space. Davros created the Daleks, destructive robots, in the hope of stopping the war between the Thals and his people the Kaled. But the Thals wiped out everyone and Davros was the only survivor.


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