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First Doctor (Doctor Who)

A very classic style

The first Doctor looked like a rather old man with a very classic style. He is therefore represented with his elegant suit, grey checkered pants and a jacket and tie in a very 19th century style, all worn with a long frock coat and black shoes. He also carries a cane with an elegant curled part and, finally, at the level of the face, we find his long gray hair and the wrinkles which mark his face.


The first incarnation

The first Doctor is the very first version of the main character of the famous British science fiction series Doctor Who. This very first version of the Doctor is quite mysterious since we only know that he is an alien who travels through time and space aboard his ship the TARDIS which can take any appearance in order to camouflage itself in its environment (but will always keep in the end the appearance of a blue police box). We will learn only later that the doctor is a time lord coming from the planet Gallifrey. He travels with his granddaughter Susan whom he says comes from another space-time. It is only when the actor playing the Doctor decided to leave the series at the end of season three that the writers had the idea to make the Doctor a being who could regenerate when he was seriously wounded but that it caused a change of appearance and personality. This allowed the series to last for decades by regularly changing the main actor.


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