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Twelfth Doctor (Doctor Who)

A radical change

While his predecessor, the Eleventh Doctor, was the youngest of them all, the Twelfth Doctor has the appearance of a much older man with a more serious style. We recognize his suit with a more modern look but with this long blue jacket lined with red giving him a bit of a magician look. As in the series, his hair and eyebrows are gray and he carries in his hand his famous sonic screwdriver.


The actual Doctor

The Twelfth Doctor is, since 2013, the main character of the series Doctor Who. This cult series of the BBC tells the adventures of a Time Lord named The Doctor”, traveling in space and time thanks to a ship in the shape of an English police box: the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). The Doctor being very attached to the Earth, he is always accompanied by a human companion, most often a woman. When he dies, the Doctor can regenerate. He keeps his memories but adopts a new appearance and a new personality. The Twelfth Doctor is the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor, the latest, and is played by Peter Capaldi.


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