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Thirteenth Doctor without jacket (Doctor Who)

A unique style

Funko has represented her without her long beige coat for this new version of the 13th Doctor. We find instead this blue pants with lapels held by straps and her little brown boots with blue socks. She also wears a black t-shirt with colored stripes over a white t-shirt with long sleeves. Finally, we find her blond hair cut to the square.


A new incarnation

The Thirteenth Doctor is the new incarnation of the famous Doctor, the hero of the science fiction series Doctor Who. He is an alien from the planet Gallifrey. He is practically immortal but when he is mortally wounded, he regenerates in a new form, keeping only the memories and not the personality of his previous incarnations. The thirteenth doctor is the first woman and her debut is not a smooth one. Her regeneration damages the TARDIS which ejects her and sends her to the depths of Yorkshire on a train invaded by an alien. Not the best conditions to get used to a new body.


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