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Vashta Nerada (Doctor Who)

A not reassuring appearance

For this exclusive figure at NYCC 2018, Funko has therefore represented these creatures when they had the spacesuit. This one seems to be a rather basic old suit, beige with stripes with big shoes and gloves. Through the helmet and its slightly turquoise glass, we can see the body skull used by the creatures to make the suit stand up. Finally, this figure glows in the dark to give an even more disturbing side and remind the nature of these creatures.


Terrifying creatures

The Vashta Nerada are microscopic creatures found in the world of the famous science fiction series Doctor Who. Taken separately, they are not very dangerous. However, when they are in swarms, which is their natural state, they are carnivorous and can devour an entire body, leaving only the bones, in a few seconds. But these creatures are also sentient and on several occasions they used a spacesuit in order to be able to communicate with the Doctor via the relays that allowed them to translate their words.


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