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Tenth Doctor Spacesuit (Doctor Who)

A new look for the Doctor

In an episode of season 3, the Doctor has to fight The Beast” on an alien base and for that he has to wear an orange space suit. And this is how he is represented on this exclusive SDCC 2015 figure. So we find this orange suit with many black harnesses, gloves and sneakers to match. At the head level, his face is very simple but we recognize well his characteristic haircut.


The Doctor in Space

The Tenth Doctor is, as his name suggests, the tenth incarnation of the Doctor, the main character of the famous English science fiction series Doctor Who. In this series, the Doctor, an alien time master from the planet Gallifrey, travels through time and space aboard the TARDIS. During the seasons, the doctor is accompanied by various human companions, most often women. More or less immortal, the Doctor has the ability to regenerate when he is seriously injured. But he then takes on a new appearance and personality, keeping however all the memories of his previous incarnations.


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