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Dennis Nedry (Jurassic Park)

Dennis and his booty

Dennis is shown here wearing the outfit he wears when he tries to escape one of the dinosaurs that escaped through his fault. He is wearing his gray park uniform with a small badge hanging on his chest and black shoes. Over that, he wears a yellow raincoat to protect himself from the rain and holds in his hands the modified shaving cream can in which he actually hides the dinosaur embryos. At the level of the head, one finds well its double chin and its large two-coloured glasses.


The man at the origin of all the problems

Dennis Nedry is an important character in Jurassic Park and especially the one who is the trigger for the events of the film. Indeed, when the billionaire John Hammond manages to recreate dinosaurs and wants to make an amusement park out of it, he must first ask for their opinion to specialists, paleontologists and mathematicians. But during this visit in reduced committee and taking advantage of the confusion of a tropical storm, the technician Dennis Nedry, bought by another company, disables the security to steal embryos. Unfortunately, this also unlocks the dinosaur enclosures and the dinosaurs begin to emerge.


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