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Dilophosaurus chase (Jurassic Park)

The dilophosaurus without his collar

For this chase version of the famous dinosaur, Funko has chosen to represent him without his famous collar. We find his body standing on his powerful back legs and his long tail as well as his front legs almost looking like hands. What differentiates this figurine from the normal version is the absence of the ruff. Her head with a long and impressive jaw is nicely represented with this green scale pattern and the two protrusions above her eyebrows.


An ironic death

Dilophosaurus is one of the many dinosaurs that can be seen in Jurassic Park, the cult movie from the 90’s based on the novel by Michael Crichton. A billionaire with a genetics company manages to recreate dinosaurs using DNA found in a mosquito preserved in amber. He decides to create a park on an island off the coast of Costa Rica. Before opening to the public, he decides to invite several specialists: scientists, mathematicians, etc. … to verify that everything is safe. But in the evening during a storm, a corrupt technician deactivates the security systems in order to escape with a DNA sample. Only the dinosaurs are able to leave their enclosure and the problems begin. The technician in question is himself pursued by a dilophosaurus and while he thinks he has escaped, he realizes that the animal is in his car and spits poison in his face before devouring him.


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