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Dr. Alan Grant (Jurassic Park)

Classic adventurer look

Dr. Alan Grant has a classic cowboy-like adventurer look that perfectly suits the trip he is about to embark on. He wears beige pants with matching big walking shoes and a belt with several small tool pouches attached. He wears a blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a small red bandana around his neck. At the head level, his face and his hair are simple but one recognizes well this hat of cow boy with broad edges which protects him from the Sun of Costa Rica. In his hands, he holds one of the impressive teeth lost by one of the dinosaurs of the park.


The passion of a lifetime

Dr. Alan Grant is an important character in the famous science fiction film Jurassic Park, adapted from the cult novel by Michael Crichton. The company InGen, under the impulse of its rich president John Hammond, manages to recreate dinosaur eggs using DNA contained in the body of a prehistoric mosquito preserved in amber. After several attempts, they manage to give birth to several dinosaurs of different species and John Hammond realizes his project to make an amusement park where the public can discover these incredible animals. But before the opening to the public and after a first accident, John Hammond is forced to bring several specialists to the island where the dinosaurs are located in order to verify the safety and the viability of the project. Dr. Alan Grant is a paleontologist and although his colleague Ellie Sattler is concerned about how InGen has been playing with the laws of nature, Grant is fascinated to see these animals alive when he has only studied their bones all his life. However, Sattler’s concerns are proven correct when the park’s security is turned off at night and the dinosaurs begin to emerge from their enclosure.


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