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Park Vehicle (Jurassic Park)

The Last Chance

Funko has decided to represent one of the vehicles in which the characters move through the park. It’s obviously a jeep with thick off-road tires and the chassis is mainly beige to blend in with the environment. There is the park logo on the doors of the vehicle as well as some red elements especially on the wheels and the windshield. The car has no roof and we can see the few suitcases and trunks that the character at the wheel carries. At the wheel, we find Dr. Ellie Sattler, one of the scientists who came to evaluate the project and who is not very reassured about the safety of the park.


A trip through hell

Jurassic Park is the park created by a billionaire in the movie of the same name and in which he managed to recreate dinosaurs that are parked in enclosures like in a zoo. But as the park is about to open, there is an accident during the transfer of some dinosaurs from their creation area on another island and John Hammond invites several scientists to visit the park in order to make an estimation of the risks and to give him their opinion. They will then walk around the park, see the dinosaurs, learn about security measures, etc… But on the first night, a tropical storm hits the island and things get seriously complicated.


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