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Tyrannosaurus Rex (Jurassic World Fallen World)

A figure to match

For this figure exclusive to Target stores, Funko has represented the tyrannosaurus in a super sized 25 cm figure on a nice base imitating earth with some blades of grass. The dinosaur is shown standing on his hind legs with his brown color and the nice details of his scales. Its mouth is open to show its impressive teeth and we find of course its very small front legs so characteristic of tyrannosaurs.


Not so bad

The tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most popular and famous dinosaurs of the Jurassic World park in the movies of the same name following the famous Jurassic Park trilogy. She was one of the surviving dinosaurs at the end of the first movies, a female who became one of the dominant animals on the island where they were abandoned. She was recaptured and became one of the attractions of the park. When the Indominus Rex, the hybrid created by Ingen, becomes unmanageable, Claire Dearing has the idea to free the tyrannosaurus. With the raptors, she will indeed defeat this dangerous dinosaur.


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