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Velociraptor (Jurassic Park)

An efficient predator

As in the movie, the velociraptor has a brown scaly skin and moves only on its back legs, its front legs almost acting as hands. Its front paws are powerful and allow it to run very fast while its long tail allows it to keep its balance. Its head is large with a long snout and impressive teeth. Like almost all dinosaurs, they have ominous yellow eyes and the detail of their scales is particularly well rendered.


A not very nice dog

The velociraptor is one of the species of dinosaurs that are brought back to life in the famous movie of the 90s: Jurassic Park. John Hammond, a rich billionaire and head of InGen, a genetics laboratory, decides to open an amusement park with real dinosaurs after his scientists succeeded in recreating them using DNA found in the body of a mosquito fossil. He invited several specialists to a private island in Costa Rica where the animals were living for the time being to verify that everything was safe for the opening to the public. However, during a storm, a corrupt technician cuts the security systems in order to get hold of one of the eggs and that’s the beginning of the problems. In the movie, the velociraptors move in groups and are very fast. They give birth to the famous scene in the park’s kitchens where several of the characters try to escape from this dinosaur that is more intelligent than we imagined.


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