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Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter)

The Woman in Pink

Dolores Umbridge is one of the most hated characters of the Harry Potter series, maybe even more than Voldemort. Her appearance as a plump lady always dressed in pink contrasts with the harshness of her words and beliefs and this is perfectly rendered by Funko. We can find this famous pink dress that she wears during the final exams. The texture and details of the collar and sleeves are perfectly rendered. We can see the many little bows and this particularly shiny and tasteless brooch. Her matching shoes are also particularly well represented and detailed. Like any good witch, she holds her wand in her hands and we can see a big ring on her right hand. At the head level, we can see this characteristic haircut with the small lighter streak at the front of the face.


The Ministry’s spy

Dolores Umbridge is an important character in the fifth Harry Potter book and movie by J.K Rowling. She then appears in a more anecdotal way in the last two episodes. Harry Potter tells the story of a young English boy who is suddenly plunged into the world of magic when he learns, at the age of eleven, that he is in fact a wizard and that he is going to study magic at Hogwarts School. He also learns that his parents died to protect him from Voldemort, the most terrible wizard of his time, who wanted to kill him for a mysterious reason. Voldemort also had a mission to rid” the world of all non-pure-blooded wizards. Throughout Harry’s schooling, he will try to come back and take human form again and will finally succeed at the end of the fourth episode. In the fifth book, the Ministry of Magic wants to quell the rumors of his return and sends Dolores Umbridge as a teacher to monitor what is happening at Hogwarts. As soon as she arrives, she tries to impose some very backward teaching methods, including corporal punishment and truth serum questioning. This will create a big wave of rebellion among the students who will gather in secret clubs.


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