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Donald Musketeer (The Three Musketeers)

An adorable musketeer

For this exclusive figure at the 2021 Funko Convention, Donald has been represented with his full musketeer outfit. He stands as always on his large webbed feet, with his wings as arms. He wears a red tunic and a yellow and blue tabard in the colors of the Queen. On his hands and wings, he wears large white gloves and holds his sword on his right side. On his head, we find his big duck beak and his yellow musketeer hat with a big feather.


A potential musketeer

The Three Musketeers is a Disney feature film inspired by the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas featuring Donald, Mickey and Goofy as the Three Musketeers. But the latter are not those of the novel. They work as cleaners in the barracks of the legendary Athos, Portos and Aramis. They have always dreamed of becoming musketeers, but the chief of the barracks, Pat Hibulaires, doesn’t think they are worthy at all. When he conspires to take Queen Minnie’s place and she is threatened with death, he assigns Donald, Mickey and Goofy as bodyguards, convinced that they will be unable to protect her. But Donald, who seemed to be shy and cowardly, will eventually prove to be much more courageous and effective when it really matters.


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