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Donkey (Shrek)

A donkey that behaves like a dog

During the whole movie, the donkey has habits and ways of moving closer to a dog than a donkey and we find that on this figurine. Indeed, Donkey is sitting here on his backside like a dog. As for the head, Funko has of course deviated from the usual shape of its figurines to remain faithful to the character. So we find this elongated head with large gray ears. Of course, Funko did not forget his big white muzzle and the famous big smile that he wears throughout the movie. The whole series of Shrek figures is very good but Donkey is probably the most expressive of the three with his attitude and his smile.


The annoying friend

Donkey is one of the main characters of the animated films Shrek 1, Shrek 2, Shrek the third and Shrek it was an end of Dreamworks studios. Released in 2001, Shrek was a huge success and tells the story of Shrek, a green ogre. Lord Farquaad decided one day to banish magical creatures from his kingdom. Donkey, being a talking donkey, is one of these creatures. While his mistress had denounced him for a little money, the donkey crosses the path of Shrek who saves him in spite of himself. He then follows him to the swamp where he lives. Very quickly, the swamp is infested with magical creatures who have come to seek refuge. Shrek, having always loved solitude, goes to see Lord Farquaad to ask him to cancel the banishment of the creatures. He agrees if Shrek fulfills a mission for him: to rescue Princess Fiona from a tower guarded by a terrible dragon so that he can marry her. Shrek leaves on a mission with the donkey but things will not go as planned!


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