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Puss In Boots (Shrek)

The adorable ginger cat

Like the other figurines of this series, Puss In Boots is finely realized and very successful. He is represented standing on his hind legs as he is during most of the movie. His red tabby coat is faithfully reproduced and we can also see his Spanish style inspired by the famous cat in boots. We find his high boots, his belt, his black cape and of course his nice feathered hat. In his right hand, he holds his sword, also typically Spanish. Finally, the creators have more or less kept the classic shape of the heads of the Funko pop figures, but instead of the usual triangular nose, Puss has of course an adorable cat nose.


The seductive cat

Puss In Boots is one of the central characters of the saga Shrek from Dreamworks studios. Puss In Boots appears in the second part of the adventures of Shrek. In this movie, the ogre Shrek and the princess Fiona, now under her ogress appearance following a curse, must get married. But for that, they must receive the blessing of Fiona’s parents, the rulers of Far Far Away. But they will have difficulty accepting an ogre as a son-in-law and Fiona’s father will even go so far as to hire an assassin: Puss In Boots. But against all odds, the adorable cat will finally get attached to Shrek and he will decide to help him.


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