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Dr Egon Spengler anniversaire (Ghostbusters)

A new, more dynamic version

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the film, Funko chose to create a new version of the character. He is still represented with his beige ghost hunter’s suit, whose details are particularly well done: the pockets, the label with his name, the protections at the elbows, etc… With that, he wears black boots and gloves. In his hands, he holds the proton gun that allows him to immobilize the ghosts. Finally, at the level of the head, we find his round glasses as well as his black hair combed back. This new version of the figure is also much more dynamic with a leg forward and the gun pointed and ready to shoot.


One of the original creators

Dr. Egon Spengler is one of the three scientists behind the ghostbusters society at the center of the famous movie of the same name. He and his colleagues, Dr. Stantz and Dr. Venkman, although each having their own speciality, are all paraspychologists and try to prove the existence of ghosts by trying to invent a machine to capture them. After a first failed attempt that causes their dismissal from the university, they are called to a New York hotel where a ghost is terrorizing the guests. They manage to capture it and everything changes after that. As ghostly activity increases in the city, they quickly become very popular and are called all over the city. Dr. Spengler, along with Dr. Stantz, are the two scientists behind the creation of the machine and the tools that allow them to locate and capture ghosts.


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