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Dustin avec gilet bleu (Stranger Things)

Unique look

For this exclusive version of Dustin, Funko has depicted him in the scenes where he and the others are trying to get through the ventilation ducts to infiltrate the Russian base. He wears green shorts and an orange t-shirt with a cow and a blue denim sleeveless vest. As was the fashion of the time, he also wears small white sneakers and white socks with blue stripes. He also wears the yellow and green cap of his summer camp and we find his brown curly hair underneath. Finally, he is holding a hammer and a flashlight in the object he has cobbled together.


New friendships

Dustin is one of the main characters of the series Stranger Things. In season three, which takes place in the summer, he has just returned from a summer camp for technology fans. He can’t wait to tell his friends all about what he did there, but he soon realizes that his friends now have other interests. So he spends more and more time with Steve, who works at the ice cream shop in the new mall. And when he hears disturbing messages in Russian on the radio he made, he asks for help to try to decipher them. That’s when Steve’s bored colleague enters the scene, but she happens to be particularly gifted at transcribing sounds, even in a language she doesn’t know. Together, they find themselves in a story much bigger than they could have imagined, a secret Russian military base hidden beneath the mall and whose goal is of course to reopen the Upside Down to use for their own benefit.


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