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Eevee (Pokemon)

An adorable creature

Eevee is represented here in its male form, differentiating itself from the females by the pattern at the end of its tail. He is sitting on his four legs and we can recognize his light brown fur with the thick beige collar around his neck. His thick and bushy tail is at the back of his body and finally, we find his adorable little head and his very big ears making him look like a fennec.


An evolving Pokemon

Eevee is a very common and popular Pokemon from the Pokemon video game and the cartoons that are adapted from it. It is a dog-like mammal that looks a bit like a small fox. It is rarely found in the wild and most often in cities. Evoli’s main abilities are adaptability to its environment, flight (it can easily flee as soon as it encounters an opponent stronger than it) and anticipation (it always knows if its opponent has dangerous abilities for it. Evoli is also the Pokemon that has the most possible evolutions with eight in total including Aquali, Voltali, Noctali or Givrali.


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