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Vaporeon (Pokemon)

An adorable hybrid

Like Evoli, Vaporeon has a body resembling that of a small fox-like mammal and he is represented sitting. But his body is blue here and we can see the long fish with spikes all along that comes back in front of him. On the head, his ears have become gills and he has a kind of white ruff on the bottom of his head.


An aquatic evolution

Vaporeon (Aquali in French) is a Pokemon of water type in the famous video game Pokemon. It is the evolution of Evoli when it is put in contact with a water stone. This last one evolves to have a body with aquatic characteristics since in addition to its four legs, it has a long fish tail and gills. The fact that its body is made of molecules that completely resemble water molecules means that it can dissolve when it swims and become invisible. He is also immune to water-related spells, and the water even gives him back his life points. He can also heal others when it rains.


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