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Pikachu (Pokemon)

An adorable rodent

As in the video game and the cartoon, Pikachu is of course all yellow and represented standing on his back legs. He is smiling and his little cheeks are pink. We can also see that his big ears have black tips and his little nose is slightly in relief. Finally, of course he also has this famous tail in the shape of lightning which reminds us of his powers related to electricity. This figurine has overall simple shapes that are very faithful with the colorful and relatively childish spirit of the characters of the video game and the series.


The most famous Pokemon

Pikachu is probably the most famous and popular Pokemon of the famous Nintendo video game. This video game takes place in a world where the animals we know have totally disappeared and only animals with very special powers exist, the pokemons. The player plays the role of a pokemon trainer. He can capture pokemon with a red and black ball and then train them to fight other pokemon trainers in order to add them to his collection. Pikatchu is a small yellow animal that looks like a rodent and has the power to use electricity. He is also the favorite pokemon of Sasha, the hero of the cartoon series derived from the video game.


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